Finals Approaching!!

Well this semester is coming to an end. Overall I think i did pretty well for my first semester. I doubt I received straight A’s but my GPA is definitely 3.0. I have a final tomorrow the 7th in Psychology and then the 13th will be my Mass Media exam. My media professor is actually the one who encouraged me to start this blog. And it turns out this was a pretty fun idea. Well I should start hitting the books now huh…

Well Bye for now ❤

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Why I Heart Johnny Depp

Perhaps probably the hottest man I’ve ever seen! Ok so I am a HUGE Johnny Depp fan!! Even though he’s like 47, he still looks good. Usually you’ll come across an actor that looked good young then loses it when he gets older (or vice versa). Depp, however, has always looked sooo handsome since his debut in Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). And this hunk has definitely been aging gracefully! I’ve seen almost all his movies and I just love his versatility. Seriously, one minute he’s a hot pirate then he’s flippin Willy Wonka himself. *Sigh* It would be so awesome to just know him. Trust me though I am not one of those obsessed fans that want to stock him, marry him, and stuff like that. I respect him as amazing entertainer and I just fun looking at him. (And no duh I’m not interested in him like that.. he’s old enough to be my father for crying out loud!) Bottom line.. I Heart Johnny Depp!!! he’s such a talented man!!! & veryyyyyy HOTT indeed !! (I Like SOOO WANT A PICTURE WITH HIM!!!!!)

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Vampire Diaries Update!!!

Ok so far a lot has gone on in just 3 episodes. Caroline becomes a vampire and feeds on her own man! goodness gracious when I saw that I was just in shock. Poor Damon though, it seems like know one wants to be with him. Though, it’s mainly his fault for everyone disliking him. I mean trying to kiss Elena and killing Jeremy (for like 5 minutes) hunny you ain’t gonna get with that going in this direction dude. However, it sucks that it always happens to the hot ones. I makes me think of Jacob from the Twilight Sagas; like he’s probably the hottest character but continues to be shut down by Bella. Oh well, the good vampire wins in both of these series. Anyways I’m really excited for the next episode!! Katherine and Elena face off!! This should be very interesting.

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Vampire Diaries!!!!

Best show on TV finally came out with season 2 on Thursday September 9, 2010. After the first episode with the return of Katherine I know things are gonna get wayyy more dramatic than last season. Poor Caroline! I’m dying to see everyone’s reaction… especially Matt..


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VGAs(Video Gaga Awards)

Ok so Lady Gaga TOTALLY stole the show 12 at the VMAs Sunday, September . What I loved most about it was that she stole the show without even performing. I mean she wins 2 awards before the show even starts then 3 more throughout the show. What I loved most about her winnings was her acceptance speech. We normally see Gaga as a freaky Lady but at the VMAs she definitely show her sensitive side as she choked up in each speech.. well the tone of her voice sounded like she was going to cry :’). Well all I know is that I’m a huge fan of hers and I know a lot others who are. I also thought Chelsey Handler’s enterance was great. She pretty much told everyone that Lady Gaga was gonna own the show.. A giant mansion hat .. and one dove hahahahhaha!

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Club Fair

So the club fair was last week and I have never been so excited. I wanted to join every club but based on my schedule I know its not possible. I signed up for 10 clubs so the challege is on. Howeverrrr, I love a challege and I’m always quick to get involved..


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Well This is New!

KK this is my first ever blog and I feel cool because I have one so don’t crush my dreams of feeling cool for a couple days lol. subscribe if you want I’ll try to talk too much =D

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