VGAs(Video Gaga Awards)

Ok so Lady Gaga TOTALLY stole the show 12 at the VMAs Sunday, September . What I loved most about it was that she stole the show without even performing. I mean she wins 2 awards before the show even starts then 3 more throughout the show. What I loved most about her winnings was her acceptance speech. We normally see Gaga as a freaky Lady but at the VMAs she definitely show her sensitive side as she choked up in each speech.. well the tone of her voice sounded like she was going to cry :’). Well all I know is that I’m a huge fan of hers and I know a lot others who are. I also thought Chelsey Handler’s enterance was great. She pretty much told everyone that Lady Gaga was gonna own the show.. A giant mansion hat .. and one dove hahahahhaha!


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